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Kandace Willson

registered massage therapist, owner

Kandace lives in Aldergrove with her husband, Brad, their daughters Everley and Naiya, and son Levi, along with their French Bulldog, Pippa. She enjoys many activities, including hiking, trail running, weight training, olympic lifting, and has completed a 1/2 Ironman as well as run several ultra trailmarathons.

Kandace has built her practice with a combination of athletes, pregnancy patients, post-breast cancer patients, office workers and outdoor enthusiasts, plus everyone in between. She has seen the value of exercise in her own life, and knows that being active is the key to achieving health and vitality. She believes that humans are meant to be physically active and should be able to move in their day-to-day lives pain free. Pain comes from imbalances in the body, and a large part of Kandace’s treatment comes from identifying the main problem then decreasing the restrictions of soft tissue through myofascial release and deep tissue massage. This is then often followed by Kandace creating a rehabilitative program that includes stretching and strengthening to further the results achieved in the massage therapy session.

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